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Give your users something to chew on. Once you’ve identified your voice, participate in the conversations taking place in your world. Become a thought leader and a content creator. Add your flavor to the discussion, and lead your customers through a satisfying social experience.

Orange Lady

Be Authentic.

In the world of social media, what matters is authenticity above all. Be the voice of your brand. Twitterholics and Facebook addicts alike want the companies they interact with to be real – just like them.

Grandma Rockstars


Social media is a marketing channel for you to converse with your customers. Don’t talk at them. Talk with them, and engage influential followers to promote your message to their networks.

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Give Water.

Our world is more interconnected than ever before. With increased awareness comes a responsibility to tackle the challenges we discover. Did you know that 1 in 6 people on Earth struggle to drink clean water each day? At InSocialize, 10% of your purchase goes to build wells in Africa to provide clean water to those who go without. We’ve come too far to do well for ourselves without doing good for others.

Charity Water

Get Started: Social Media+

Interested in getting your business started on social media? Select from our three tiers – Rockstar+, Authenticity+, and WorldChanger+ – to create a personalized and devastatingly effective social media presence crafted specifically for your business.


Audience-Based & Authentic Content Strategy

Knowing what to write, post, and tweet is the difference between wasting your time and radically transforming your business’s results. InSocialize helps you craft an intelligent content strategy that anticipates your customers’ questions while communicating from a place of brand authenticity.

Viral Marketing

Spread Your Message Fast

If you need immediate engagement on a communication you need to spread far and wide, InSocialize helps your content go viral by pushing that message to desired audiences, fast.


InSocialize: A Social Enterprise

To InSocialize, a social enterprise is a business that incorporates doing good into the foundation of its business model. In other words, being a “social enterprise” has less to do with social media and a whole lot more to do with having a benefit for society.


InSocialize was founded on a simple principle: your customers are your friends, and your customers' friends are your future customers.

Influenced by Malcolm Gladwell and Seth Godin, inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr. and Muhammad Yunus, motivated by Steve Jobs and Scott Harrison.


InSocialize CEO Auren Kaplan has managed blogs and social media accounts for social enterprises like The Hub LA and national brands like CauseCast.

To inquire about hiring InSocialize, please contact:
Phone: +1 248 417 8514.